Eyed (NaPoWriMo 4 – Today’s Fourth Poem)

Here’s another interesting poem from the world of WordPress!

Matt's Writings

Monitors stare, phones glaze over,

the technology used to watch reversing itself,

twisting – almost alive – in your direction,

and you feel a sort of chill,

thrill, spine-shocking

sensation rattle

through your fingertips.


The eyes and ‘i’s inside the CRTs,

MP3s, LCDs and our TVs switch places with yourself

now, ensuring that you are on the other side of the display.


Quick… wait for your User to weigh

their attention back to you – but – but no use,

they have turned away

to cheat on you with the laptop,

and spy on their other technofiles with their Zeus

of a device they call a smartphone.


Ten degausses later and you still stay trapped

inside the monitor, showing lines that threaten 

and almost inaudibly hiss, ticking, the standby

knell working closer, inching its way through the wire

until it hits. Home. Restart. You are being Updated

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2 thoughts on “Eyed (NaPoWriMo 4 – Today’s Fourth Poem)

  1. Thank you very much for re-blogging this! I’m glad you found it interesting; I’ll definitely add this to the list of poems to focus on (editing-wise) after NaPoWriMo has finished!

    All the Best,
    Matt R. Dunn

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