– i will be free –


April 6, 2014 – Fresh web shot


Why sent out a guardian for this ole stale pedestrian? See,

Lame is my closest friend, we’re in a rut and stall again. We

know the signs too well – aching, bawling, static pitch. Our

product just won’t sell… but don’t prepare my ditch. It’s a


safe bet there’s some regret, but fuck it, time rolls out. I don’t

need the pity, mine or this city’s, right now I need a cloud. There’s no

shame in the fluff, as it’s sailing through the sky; there’s just

freedom I can trust, as it’s floating through so high. Please


let me grateful… and let me be great,

giving my love… and love I will take. I will be –

fast… fearless… fierce… free…

fast… fearless… fierce… me.



D.J. Whisenant


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