No. 285

A truly unique storyteller, CpSingleton is a poet whose work you all should give a try!

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Sleep’s Warehouse. By CpSingleton © 2014

The doors to the warehouse were
Unable to close and
You all came bounding in.

A maelstrom of unknown thoughts
Spinning and flitting, yet
Gathering momentum as

You clattered and pinged from
Empty, rusting sheets of
Slackly pinned steel.

You whispered and bellowed:
An out of tune orchestra
Consisting of faces and ideals

I didn’t know I even hoarded.
Until another night of
A jammed mind-door let them in.

Jumbo-jets struggled in snow-storms
Outside my calm hotel window.
Captain gruesomely determined to land.

Football supporters wearing the white shirts,
Of the two teams I support.
Each set positive of some outcome.

Dining-halls of long chipped tables,
Serving gears and heavy nuts and bolts to
Cheery, content faces.

Celebrations in and around.
I stepped-lightly over candles,
Making very little sound.

The orchestra muffled, just a noise.
Music gone to bed
Just like the planes, girls…

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