– not impressed –

Your teasing and testing me, every day stressing me, has come to a halt. The rhyme and the reason in this springtime season has piqued all my thought. Am I finally done, done, done with fiendish games? ‘Cause I feel I’ve won, won, and wisdom’s to blame. Yes, you   look good, damn good, but […]

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– control –

Taking on superpowers, my own, not given by man, I look to the east, for peace in where I stand. We all want the gold, in our small hands to hold, e- ven if souls are sold… I just want to fly.   Taking down dark towers, red throne, deceiver of man,  I look to the east, […]

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– soul for real –

No one religion will truly accept me… yet I’m still in your arms. They throw stones instead of protect me… yet I’m still safe from harm. Cast it out… all the doubt… and I might have a shot. Not alone tonight or any other night…     D.J. Whisenant

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