– lots of love –

Willows will weep…

elms and oaks will cry too.

Moments we’ll keep…

whether or not the sky’s blue. Let it

rain (let it rain), every day (every day), and

we’ll still bring the sunshine

‘cause we’re filled with hugs –

we’ve got lots of love.


Fires will burn…

fierce with flavors of yellow.

Tables may turn…

yet our seats are mellow. All our

lives (all our lives), we have tried (we have tried) to

expose truths quite divine

‘cause life is our drug –

it’s got lots of love.


The happening… is here, and

we do not claim fear. This

love will be our shield, our

sword if needed be.

Don’t try, don’t try to stop us;

we are, we are the hunters…

love has been revealed…

love is all we see.

D.J. Whisenant


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