– far sight –

Where’d you go little demons, where’d you all go? You’ve taunted me for so long. Perhaps I’m too busy washing windows to acknowledge your presence… not the greatest of distractions, but it will do for now. Perhaps I’m caught up in screens and could use a new life lesson… as you fade into the alley […]

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– allies –

Michelle gave a warm morning welcome. BJ exposed his Jersey roots while on break. Brian was welcoming in the back of his SUV. Matt did the same (even if he couldn’t remember my name). Frank offered me a summer treat. Dave went from friend of a friend to cordial coworker, and Greg…   thankful to […]

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– setting songbird –

My soul sets like the sun… shame on me for bringing about my own nightmare. Where did the voice go… one filled with random melodies and Top 40 hits? It appears to be hidden behind a window… or 200 of them per day. Where is my desire to croon at the top of my lungs, […]

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– training day –

My feet are in the flames; can’t find relief now. Each window in the warehouse shows a portrait of the worker’s soul. Young and single… married with rugrats… veterans who know the battlefield… fresher faces still earning their stripes… frazzled, yet determined working class Americans in the bosom of summer…   and little ol’ me […]

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