– nightfall: needs –

I NEED… a pair of ears I can call. I NEED… a choc’late shake with two straws. I NEED… some warm blood to squeeze so tight… ‘cause a pillow ain’t the same, in the heat of the night.   I NEED… a love who’ll count stars with me. I NEED… a second bod ‘tween these […]

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– nightfall: sunset –

Ev’ry time you run, ev’ry time you run, ev’ry time you run away… a tinge of fever runs right through my bones. A cold snap… in the midst of summer, as winter brings a dark inferno, as you set, I’m being set up to be all alone.   One of these nights I’ll find somebody, […]

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– nightfall –

Don’t shed tears no more, under moonlit skies. My heart’s apathetic, under dusty stars. Don’t pace floors no more, pond’ring earlier lies. In the hours’ rhetoric, peace is still too far.   Eating too much again, before bedtime, no need to pretend – grey makes my spine.   This is what happens when the owls […]

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– push –

In September rain, temptation is once more rearing its sexy little head. Push… push away from the lure of giving up. Push… pull through to discover the blessing deserved. D.J. Whisenant

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Letting Go

Originally posted on The Winter Bites My Bones:
It is human nature to become too attached to things or people.Learn how to let go with grace. Letting go of regrets is not some passive undertaking.  Regret is a weight that anchors us in the past, rendering the future as unobtainable. Letting go takes courage and…

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– lovin’ someone else –

Rose petals and a bottle of wine… Sadé in the background… moonlight in due time… prepping for the lay down…   but what to do when a- lone looking desperate? Just me, myself, and I – yet by no means helpless.   People asking, nagging me now, with one question lousy and loud – Who. […]

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