– nightfall: needs –

I NEED… a pair of

ears I can call.

I NEED… a choc’late

shake with two straws.

I NEED… some warm blood

to squeeze so tight… ‘cause a

pillow ain’t the same, in the

heat of the night.


I NEED… a love who’ll

count stars with me.

I NEED… a second

bod ‘tween these sheets.

I NEED… the dream I

feel I deserve… but the

nightmare is, for all that bliss, you

must be found first.


No need for riches…

just some attention in the

dark, dark, dark –

as I can see.

Crave what I’m missin’…

passionate vision for my

heart, heart, heart –

all that I need. So

o… love…

where… art thou?

Two… souls…

here… and now,

I look and listen…

for your existence, near or

far, far, far –

need you for me.

D.J. Whisenant

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