– hello killer… –

 I bit the bullet before you even pulled the trigger, and I still won’t learn my lesson in this afterlife. Shame on me, yes indeed, a hapless chap who’s cursed times three – guess you’ve always had control of that nifty knife. How can I deny defeat when you waved my white flag for me? Did […]

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– an epistle to matthew b. –

You may never read such words on nights either fiery or frozen. Still, in case you haven’t heard, for this letter, you are chosen. I did not see your headlight coming, in the eve of a promising June. Naturally, I started my running, knowing broken friendly gloom. Dirty looks and nicknames aside, we fell upon simple understanding. You understood my […]

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– asking for trouble –

I’d hate to be crass, don’t wanna be an ass… but please let me be reckless. Once and once only, shed all the knowing… and I’ll be over- zealous. Fighting for ideas while fighting at the bar, fighting common sense in the back seat of a car, act like a heathen – press pause on helpless. Should […]

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– there you stand –

A close companion you are, no matter the danger you possess. I can be a threat as well, a black jaguar, as you can tell. How will I change though when your presence stands in the sun? How will I inch taller when you stand from dusk ’til dawn? D.J. Whisenant

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