Girl and the Raven

In this piece, I believe that even with the somber tone, there’s still a shred of hope for the girl because of her relationship with the raven, even if it is her only companion and even if she can’t find peace from her memories. Maybe that’s the optimist in me speaking.


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The girl and the raven appear at the morn
Awash with the tears she has shed before dawn
She’s floating in white, a mere sprite of despair
Combing her memories through her dark hair

The raven’s a psychopomp calling her home
To cease her travails and to no longer roam
But a heart that still bleeds will yet yearn for rebirth
Of a love lost forsaken beneath this sweet earth

The girl and the raven oft circle this place
Lost in a misery, suspended in space
You may see her ghost as you pass by this way
Or the raven still winging as dark into day

The girl seeks a lover she long ago lost
The raven’s a kind and a most patient host
His knowledge is deeper and old as her heart
Knows the girl and her memories will not easily part

The girl and the…

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