– i made a video –

January has been a disgusting month,

this fact I cannot gloss over.

One head and one heart,

both heavier than Buffalo snow,

were ashamed like never before.

No kingdom was conquered,

no land was fully explored,

no word was either threatening or bold, and

no tax form was finished.



I made a video.

From my laptop camera

to the universe’s ears,

I told myself the basics of my current state,

then reviewed the playback.

Rough and from the dome, yet inoffensive and cautious,

five minutes of a visual diary 

sit patiently in a folder on my computer,

restful and rightfully still.

January has still been a disgusting month…

February isn’t looking so tame either.

D.J. Whisenant


2 thoughts on “– i made a video –

  1. Buffalo snow,

    I was there Christmas week 1985, supposedly worst December snows in history for area. I did the dumbest thing I have ever done in my life in Buffalo. I walk into that blue collar crammed pack downtown Flamingo Bar wearing my Miami Dolphins jersey. Lucky to be alive.

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