Winter’s Wrath

I love this… the narrative, the image… I love it all.

The Bonny Blog

one cold and scary winter day
the iceman made a call
slicking sidewalks roads and ponds
the mindset juvenile
it made a total mess of things
travel not an out
i dare confess there’s no redress
but we must never pout

it never pays
to vent complains
winter has its ways
we do not understand its wrath
but who is to explain
the vengefulness we don’t quite get
no kindness any day
when snow is gathered on the ground
only snowballs love to play

i mock its frigid cunning ways
not meant to be a pun
the day i am in charge of things
my composure will have gone
i’ll show no kindness to the cold
banished it to the moon
the weather will be warm and calm
expect 365 days of june

A Very Long Icicle

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