– my wonderland – (Interactive Poetry)

Once again, Dom from Thoughts from A Rambling Psyche has offered up an interactive poetry challenge. I gave him three words to write into an original poem of his, and in exchange, he gave me three words for a poem of my own. His words for me this time (mystical, bunny, cookie) inspired the direction of this poem. Hope you enjoy, and please visit Dom’s blog!



Blinded by my dream in the daylight,

no white bunny can be found.

No tea party can be attended (as if I would be invited anyway), and

no tart or cookie can be eaten.

Most strange?

No Queen or King of Hearts can be feared.

So what mystical wonderland am I caught in?


Strength to scream the wonderful truth…

curiosity to explore a wonderful world…

love for genuinely wonderful people…

genuine love for a more wonderful me…

that is where my wonder lies.



D.J. Whisenant


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