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Overhead, you count the stars upon your fingertips wearing each as a diamond as we lie among rose hips. Though summer scents waft strongly your smile is but a linger of that wistful, half-hoped feeling roped onto your empty finger. I may not be your lover. I may not be…

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– chocolate chip pop tarts –

Six in the morning: I add a treat to my sparse breakfast.  8:00 AM: I return for another harmless two-pack. One minute before 10: I double my pleasure, double my fun. Half past noon: I augment an already ambitious afternoon meal. 2:30 break: I count the change in my wallet. praying to reach $1.25. Six in the evening: I […]

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Strange Geometries

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What strange geometries we live within– Euclidian? Non-Euclidian? How many millions of calculations your brain makes, navigating the jostle of crowded streets, plotting the trajectories of lost tourists dragging large luggage, the bullish determination of commuters, the meanderings of morose souls with ears stuck to telephones, squeezing through squabs…

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