It’s that time of year again…

Happy National Poetry Month to all of you! So here’s the situation: a year ago, I was able to celebrate by not only writing and posting an original piece each day, but also re-blogging the incredible work of many of you all here on WordPress. Of course, this was easy because I didn’t have a full-time job draining the life out of me like I do right now. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that I’ll have something new to give you all each day this month. However, I do know there will be some amazing writing coming out of the rest of you (what else is new?), and I cannot wait to share my favorites each day here on my blog. To those of you who are still reading my posts after all this time, thank you for sticking with me and showing me your continued love and constructive criticism. To the newer followers or readers who pop through every now and then, thank you for the views, and I hope you stay tuned!

– D.J.


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