– amusement –

Getting lost in Middleburg Heights

Asking for directions before pumping gas

Driving north on I-71

Paying $10.00 for parking

Entering the expo center

Observing the sea of children and teens around me

Buying one adult ticket

Using the men’s room before the fun

Sitting next to strangers on three different rides

Closing eyes tightly on each ride

Avoiding cotton candy, gyros, and other temptations

Eating two slices of pizza anyway

Watching an African acrobatics troupe

Exiting the expo center

Feeling the effects of loneliness



D.J. Whisenant


8 thoughts on “– amusement –

      1. Yes , this comment format or one similar for background easier to read and follow. Probably 25 years since last visit to amusement park or fair. Those people on those rides are crazy. I’d have a heart attack. Amusement park food fare, yes but rides? The only ride I take is the one in the car to and from the place.

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