– face of a nation –

I very rarely re-blog my own writing. However, given the good impression I’ve been making at my current place of employment, I thought I would share this piece I wrote last summer while working at my previous job. I know there are jobs that need to be done, and money must be made to support oneself in a civilized society. However, I just cannot help but believe the U.S. should have more people questioning and expanding upon ideas and philosophies rather than getting caught up in the idea that a dollar bill or two rules their entire universe. What are your thoughts?


Rockefeller said

he didn’t want the nation

to think…

but to work.


Is it I

who have joined in on

the madness?

A man yearning to know,

yet clinging to everyday exertion,

where does the lost time run to?


Is it we

who have created

this horror house?

Finding more comfort in a problem

than struggling within the solution,

where does the lost nation run to?



D.J. Whisenant

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4 thoughts on “– face of a nation –

  1. I’m worried about Rockefeller and his ilk. Anyone who wants us not to think is a despot in my book. And there seem to be way too many of those about. I champion the work ethic but, by now, there should be less need to be working so constantly. I always thought I’d see the day when progress allowed for fewer working hours for all but that sort of progress would leave thinking time as well as leisure time. And most despots don’t want that. Keep the buggers busy is the mantra apparently.

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