I enjoyed this piece from Dark Blue because of the narrative’s progression… and it’s quite hilarious too!

50 Shades of me

I got up this morning
Had a shower then got dressed
I was in a rush, I was running late
And I felt a little stressed

Now yesterday I went commando
But pulled the zipper up too quick
And before I even knew it
And caught me privates in the zip

So I made sure I had knickers on
Before I rushed out the door
But the hassle that they caused me
I should have left them in the drawer

I was out for fifteen minutes
When I felt that annoying pain
Me knickers went right up me bum
And I thought, “no, not again”

I did the usual funny walk
In the hope that they would move
Back to the place they should be
But they stayed lodged in that groove

I wanna stick my hand in
And go fishing for that lace
That’s chaffing my poor bum crack

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