Party Crasher (Interactive Poetry)

I keep telling you all that Dom (Thoughts from a Rambling Psyche) and his interactive poetry challenges are a thrill! Check out the poem he wrote with the words I gave him. I thought I had him stumped…

I should have known better. HA!

Thoughts from A Rambling Psyche

Another repeat visitor to my interactive poetry! These Words I Write gave me some words to work with this week and they were (Dance, Cheesecake, and Invitation) and heres what I came up with.

Party Crasher

I want my invitation
To the big celebration bash
At this huge party location
If not invited I will crash
This big summer soirée
All their food, pastries, cheesecakes
I will make them regret the day
They made such a critical mistake
And didn’t invite me
To their special little dance
I’ll show them all they’ll see
How they shoulda gave me a chance
Matter of fact let me get drunk
And head over there now
Show them how I’m such a slam dunk
They’ll all be saying wow
How could we have been so ignorant
He’s so impressive when drunk and belligerent

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