fool’s mate

The blog Boston Poetry Magazine has some great pieces by great writers, including this poem by Jake Tringali!

Boston Poetry Magazine

by Jake Tringali

skin-deep, midway, all the way
geared in violet
(very little violet)
her body made for Rebellion
legs pointed, arms precise
I sit
I sit and watch

in a dark backbar
stinging winter night
dirty dub on the cracked speakers
while guitar techs warm up
whomping, snicker-snack
slithy tones

she’s a superball
room pulsing, to and fro
she ricochets, twirls among
the fit,
the beautiful,
the weak,
ale hits the stale floor

my sixth whiskey
the thinking whiskey
a new realization, at this rate
the main act is running late

my greed is freed
I arise to bloody eyes
stiff leg forward
my last pilgrimage
tippling, toppling

she looms closer
my fears reappear
I brush them back and rush forward for my chance
on the dance floor

blue hair, green hair
pixelated and smeared
she is a trick
she is a trap
she is sweet valencia
her pith…

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