– ten and two –

Horrified, inside and out, in the heat of early morning shadows. Hands gripped on ten and two, eyes feeling heavy and blue – think I’ll stop before I drop and get system shocked soon. Why do I once more catch myself torn between the nightmare of dreamland and the nightmare of opened eyeshight? More importantly… […]

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– nightfall: underground –

Jazz notes still on the dome as I walk right through the kingdom, life in these streets is shown as those three lights do their blinkin’. A common building presents itself, typical and still quite magical. In through the revolving door I guess; in this hour, through doors I go. ~ This new surrounding is the most foreign in all the land. Commoners walk right through me in […]

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– he will win –

Should have known, should have known… shouldn’t have been doubt in my mind. I was wrong, I was wrong… thankful I was wrong this time. ~ Complicated man… strong mind, strong backbone. Workin’ with his hands… earning paper for his home, but still rowin’ over the sins of backwaters, yet he will row forward for his […]

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Originally posted on Eve Turner-Lee:
?? Here’s one thats currently in the reject pile but who knows? Pressing on…

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– with our own eyes –

Photographs only tell half of the story. Word of mouth is just hearsay. These people, places, and things are in desperate need of all of our eyes, all of our hands, all of our hearts. We are in desperate need of experiencing this world for ourselves. ~ ~ D.J. Whisenant

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