– nightfall: underground –

Jazz notes still on the dome as I

walk right through the kingdom,

life in these streets is shown as those

three lights do their blinkin’. A

common building presents itself,

typical and still quite magical.

In through the revolving door I guess;

in this hour, through doors I go.


This new surrounding is the

most foreign in all the land.

Commoners walk right through me in the

well-lit hall of a grand plan.

And to my left, a stairwell calls me.

My feet descend marble and concrete,

my ears taking heed of a devilish

machine down below.


What passageway is this,

here under the kingdom,

under my brown-bitten nose?

Let the chilly notes just sink in.

‘A subway in this town?’ I

thought silently.

Hearing one train in the distance, I

wandered quietly,

just me, myself, and the midnight air

with tracks seen below.

Next time, I might walk further,

see where the groundling goes.



D.J. Whisenant


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