– move –

Help me be a crawler creeping towards my prized prey. Help me be the sunlight sending hope and truth each way. Help me be a hustler having fun with pesos too, but most important, help me get up out this chair and move. ~ MOVE… ’cause life means nothing when I’m idle waste, MOVE… ’cause I can’t win if I’m not […]

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– turn a light on –

Dark household, steaming in the hour of a summer eve, and truth be told, I’m steaming in the shower of a messy me. Noisy fans sound the only voice other than my own; I understand sounds of silence that voice my heart alone. ~ It’s not the end of me; I’m not dead, but what’s here […]

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– control the keys –

July 22, 2015 -I’ve had this keyboard for at least 15 years and I’m just now learning how to play it… Jesus take the wheel. Breaking down the wall, a sharp black and white, it’s time to play the catch-up game and make the sacrifice. So lock me up, won’t you please box me up, ’cause […]

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– ophelia –

Ophelia… I feel for you, ’cause maybe Papa doesn’t care the way he should. If he did, you’d be more than a blip, on the radar of each convo we had after so long. Ophelia… tell me it’s true, that Dad wants to spend his final hours with you. If it were so, you’d be more than a […]

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– down low –

Dare to dream… and one day you’ll own. Dare to move… down the broken road. Dare to think… so that you will know. Just in case though – keep your cover down low. ~ See the vultures soaring high now? Fake eagles, they’re the dirty birds. As you cruise through, don’t be shy now, but […]

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