– new york city hustler –

Tough nights, tall lights – under one big, bad moon… street walk, slick talk – got so little to lose… he rubs his hands with a certified thirst; you best beware ’cause you might get hurt, ’cause the city did raise him, risks he’s takin’ while he’s taking you. ~ Natural born hustler – what a New Yorker he is. […]

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– williamsburg bridge –

Crossing the river, one deep breath at a time, and in no time… I will survive. Holding back stars, one false wish at a time, and in no time… I will shine. Stepping on this path, suspend me in the cold Manhattan air. Gliding on this path, hold me up as if I be… long… […]

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– more than me –

Homeless heart he’s livin’, on the eastern floor, as my heart is sinnin’, with the food I score. Does he need it… need it… need it… more than me? I sure do believe. Jobless Jane she’s standin’, on the rural road, as my jobless journey finds a quick payroll. Does she need it… need it… need it… […]

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– 3. cool sea breezes –

No more a disaster than before the catastrophe, much less a nightmare than after the abandoned dream – just as the heat adorns my spirit after the flames, I sense new life is born before the ocean waves. ~ I float out to the shore… sun peeking through endless, eternal clouds. The scent of something more… one hope has […]

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