– 1. inferno –

If I could save the world from burning, Lord knows that I would, but I can’t keep love solely turning, like the way you do. It’s the way you go about, as we all expire, this earth is done, nowhere to run, Ve- suvius bonfire. ~ I understand… we never stood a chance… nope… so what can we […]

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– 2. the ruins –

Floating in the ashes are ghosts of what we used to be, under charcoal skies, light whistles of the wind. Air and ember mashes while wasted woods are what we see. No tears we do cry; there’s no need to pretend. ~ I, especially, feel no sense of ruin among the ruins a- round me…. […]

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– how i’m living –

A train chugs… the sound from outside the living room window, and small bugs… they fly around, inside they nag me with hellos. A green couch… the sign of a comforting and blind-eyed good friend, no good mouth… so I sit and speak with keyboard, pencil, or good pen. ~ It’s not a fairy tale […]

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– wiser –

Call on me for greatness. Call on me for care. Grateful for no wait list; flying in the air, but hold up, wait a minute, let me put some research in it; fools you’re always takin’? Please do not go there. ~ Once I was a boy, a stupid, wind-up toy, played for all the money […]

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– it could be me –

No candy kisses… no paper valen- tines… tines… in all honest truth. Just sincere wishes… a chance to make you mine… mine… so what can I do? You stand next to me… and yet you’re so damn far… far… rebel with no clue. More than sex to me… a chance to take your heart… heart… but […]

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– versus –

There… is… ~ no ‘I’ in team… no ‘I’ in we…. yet I read that sole-ful letter when fighting me. From dashing dawn… ’til earnest eve… this is combat with a hard hat, fighting for peace, but I ~ can’t… be… the only fighter in the day… time… or pulling all-nighters. As I’m writing out the verses, I think of […]

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