– pick me up –

Walk-ing ‘long the railroad way, walk-ing ’round with such short breath. Two bags of dirty laundry gripped, too much pride to ask for help. Then a Bridgeport stranger stopped, offered aid so bags won’t popped. So I put my pride to the side… let this man take me for a ride. ~ Good soul came for the pick me […]

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– brighter –

Concerned over brown and black and mud-like forest greens, I never was the type to see the forest for the trees… but now-there’s-red – an apple so delicious, a sky-blue-thread – a limit now fictitious, and all-words-said – from hopes and prayers and wishes… won’t make the colors lighter; my actions make them brighter. ~ Vivid is the […]

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– keep the wedding bells –

DING-DANG-DING-DANG-DONG! DING-DANG-DING-DANG-DONG! ~ I see a gold band, there on your left hand. Must’ve cost a pretty penny – however, I’m not spending big bucks for my sweet love… isn’t love sweet enough? DING-DANG-DING-DANG-DONG! DING-DANG-DING-DANG-DONG! Invited all the town, in your most white of gowns, or a tuxedo blue to match the flowers too, but […]

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– hold it tight –

Joy… in my palms… so warm and yet so slippe- ry…. soft… safe and calm… be- fore the tempest comes for me…. so I HOLD. IT. TIGHT… I grip it ’til I bleed, for when the storm arrives, it’ll blow me off my feet. Yes I HOLD. IT. TIGHT… I clench it ’til it hurts, […]

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drinking buddies

Originally posted on jdubqca:
in college I drank with the best of them the irish and the english and all their neighbors spaniards and moroccans and mesopotamians eurasians and asians and indians and native americans the under-aged and over-aged the jock and nerd and hipster women and men and transgenders you name ‘em we all…

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– rather be first –

Damn good souls… on a Monday… who work hard to change the world… pro- vide for their boys and girls…. but the story told… by this Sunday… could be such a bitter end… the lost of some damn good friends, and that’s why ~ I rather be, I rather be… I rather be the first to go, […]

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