– daniel –

Hidin’… he ain’t hidin’…

under his sorrowful songs.

Smilin’… he’s still smilin’…

stickin’ to his Sunday psalms.

It’s all about the blood of his kin, and

also the blood of the Lamb…

but I would bleed for him once again, just

to see that dear ol’ sweet Dan.

Runnin’… he ain’t runnin’…

all ’round this devilish dome.

Gunnin’… for that somethin’…

keeping his haven at home.

It’s all about his love for the crew, and

surely, his love for the Lord.

Dear ol’ sweet Daniel, if you only knew, you

could trust in me now once more.


I’m. no. saint. but.

that don’t mean I don’t believe.

Christ. I. ain’t. but.

I could still help you achieve.

I’d lift you up; I’d say my li’l prayer, as-

sure and affirm to always be right there.

That’s what I did, or thought I had done, so

what can I do now that you are gone?


Cryin’… I ain’t cryin’…

no need for Kleenex tonight, but

lyin’… I’d be lyin’…

about fulfillment inside.

It’s not about dramatic tall tales, just

truth and the ache that comes with.

I know that dear Danny Boy will prevail, from

God he is truly a gift.



D.J. Whisenant


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