– borrowed time –

Look at what I’m sittin’ on, this

black and blue clock. Lord I

try to change the seconds in the

tick and the tock, but I

see the wearing in my rags, and

there’s no need to do the math –

tickin’ while I’m trickin’ myself

on this short run.

Look at what I’m dreamin’ of, this

hour of glass. Lord I

pray to face the sandstorm so the

hour can last, but I

see erosion in my rock, and

no way for bleeding to stop –

trickle just a little ’til the

hour is done.


‘Should have’, ‘could have’, ‘would have’;

let me give those back now.

Missing miracles for

all the sins I have now.

I’ve borrowed enough of your

time; I need to use what’s left of




D.J. Whisenant


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