– bad man? –

In town I done ran out… of standard charity. What is this tale about? Here’s standard clarity. See the homeless each five corners, looking known less for the foreigners. I would have done hand out… now no such guarantee. ~ Does that make me a cold cad, heart hard for a season? Does that make me a bad man, […]

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– thanksgiving in manhattan –

Running for a morning train that wasn’t even there, with hints of chill and unknown thrill though- out the Bridgeport air. Caught the 6 a.m. machine and through windows I stared… right at the sunrise, a sight for my eyes, unlike anywhere. ~ I was by myself… on a Thursday… in a kingdom made of steel and concrete… […]

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Happy Turkey Day!

Hello everyone! I pray everyone is having a fantastic Thanksgiving. I was planning to write and post a piece for tonight (especially considering everything that I went through today “celebrating” Thanksgiving by myself in Manhattan – I have so much inspiration for new material). Instead, I’ll just state that I am thankful for having the necessities that I have. […]

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– replacement words –

Fear became bravery, isolation was changed into association, disdain was refashioned into compassion, hatred was altered into sympathy, and terror turned into peace the moment I exchanged my most complex worries for a simple piece of joy. ~ ~ D.J. Whisenant

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– fulfillment –

We-all-want-satsi- faction… a place to stash our treasured inner peace… so desp’-rate-in-all our action… we find comfort in pleasures and re- lease. I know ~ I try though blind to find my fulfillment, from a fine wine so kind to some new religion; stop my wander over yonder, to rest over and not under inse- cure cracks on my mad […]

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