– it’s not that serious –

Put your weapon down, down, down, down now.

Walk it out on this fake battlefield you’ve made.

Listen to the soft sound, sound, sound, sound now.

Heed the call of a logical loon today.

You have ev’ry bit of your right to

choose your battles on this front line,

but be a bit more wiser fighter be-

fore combat chooses to kick your behind.


Don’t be delirious… with your

fightin’ and your fussin’ and your cussin’ over nothing’now.

It’s not that serious… with your

huffin’, chest-puffin’, street struttin’ hot mess now.

This is for all of us… when we’re

set to go from zero to 100 over nothin’ now.

Don’t overthink it much… and then

wage a war, slam a door, meaningless stress now.



D.J. Whisenant


One thought on “– it’s not that serious –

  1. Slam the door on war. Unfortunately in far too many cases it is the only way to destroy evil that insists on destroying us. But we are to be ever watchful that we do not become the evil needing to be eliminated.

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