Guess who had the best year ever?

Hello everyone! I pray you all are having a fantastic holiday season. 2015 has been without a doubt the most life-affirming year ever for me, always for better and never worse. Between leaving the comforts of the Midwest for the unfamiliarity of the east coast, finding a job in the retail industry, eating foods that I never would […]

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– cecille –

  My babe is always blue, courage still runs in her bones. My babe is always blue, ready for the road unknown. My babe is always blue, colored like real royalty, but will my babe be so true, ride with me whenever I  need? ~ ~ D.J. Whisenant

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– weathering heights –

In the sleet of it all, in the messy, mushy slush, you will see me stand tall, without hurry, without rush. In the thickest of fog, in the hushed and hazy clouds, you will hear my sweet song, hear it clear and hear it loud. ~ What’s taken over me, after this winter storm? What’s […]

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– be –

It could be a blessed love; it could be a wretched foe. It could be a peaceful dove; it could be a painful ‘no’. It could be on a Monday, such a fun day to engage. It could be on a Friday, on the highway begging for change. It could be a picker-upper; it could be a Debbie Downer. […]

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– prep work –

Bags halfway packed… no food in the fridge to take. Without a map… just a hunch for hunch’s sake. Might be a fool… that’s just the risk I’ll take. Keep somewhat cool… just in case this bough does break. ~ ~ D.J. Whisenant

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– pleading for absolution-

I hear the neglect… the shame in my sweat… and how I turned my heart a- way. I feel lack of care… touching me nowhere… and here is where the price is paid. ~ Forgive me… my darlings, all you 88 keys. I’m saddened… I’m sorry, you were my remedy. Bitter in the ears, bitter on the hands, but […]

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