Guess who had the best year ever?

Hello everyone!

I pray you all are having a fantastic holiday season. 2015 has been without a doubt the most life-affirming year ever for me, always for better and never worse. Between leaving the comforts of the Midwest for the unfamiliarity of the east coast, finding a job in the retail industry, eating foods that I never would have even tried back in Ohio, doing things I only daydreamed about doing, reconnecting with people that I believed had long forgotten about me, writing pieces that I never thought I was capable of writing, and coming to terms with who I am and what I truly believe in, I can genuinely say I have moved forward this year… I have truly started to “give birth” to who I am meant to be.

On that note, I want to take this time to once again express my gratitude and thanks to everyone that has continued to read this blog. Whether you are a reader who pops in every now and then or a supporter who reads every single word I put on here, I appreciate you. You all have been so important in my journey, and I swear I don’t take any of you for granted. Have a wonderful new year, be safe, and here’s to more adventures and moments of growth to write about in 2016. You all are awesome!


– D.J.


9 thoughts on “Guess who had the best year ever?

  1. I love to read such a life-affirming post! I’m so happy for you that 2015 proved to be such a good year. Wishing you more of the same for this new year. May all your hopes and dreams be fulfilled. 🙂

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