– patterns –

Don’t you see the patterns… the specific circles pressed up to the matter called your life? Don’t you see the shapes… the specific design that you claim to hate both day and night? ~ Rip the wallpaper off; change the damn décor. Throw the furniture out; polish all the floors. May be easier said than […]

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– laura –

This is the music video for the song “Overcome” by British singer-songwriter Laura Mvula featuring American guitarist Nile Rodgers, undoubtedly both my favorite song and visual so far this year. Laced in the most fierce and fresh of black and gold, Laura speaks no fear, sees no fear, hears no fear… so why should I? […]

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– asclepius –

As-cle-pius, heal me with your staff, but if you could, please leave any snakes out. As-cle-pius, strike me in my path… if it truly means a healthy new route. ~ Summon all your daughters at the altar tonight, just so I can become well a- gain… and I’ll put forth my gratitude, no attitude tonight, […]

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– the lost days –

A cursed phase… the worst days… were the ones trapped in my bed. A cursed chime… the worst times… were the ones with my thoughts unsaid. Could’ve been, would’ve been , should’ve been around the world-by-now. Could’ve had, would’ve had, should’ve had more of a life-some-how. ~ These are the lost days, a toast to […]

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– my rationale –

I don’t see myself as the rogue… just because I act in rogue-ish ways. I do need to be in certain modes… just to make it through certain days. ~ That’s my rationale, my excuse to burn some bridges old and creaking… those boughs are breaking. I’m no danger to any- one but myself. I’m […]

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