– provider –

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The following piece was inspired by this Facebook post I saw on my timeline last September. Marlia is a peer of mine from my college days and has always been a joyful, wise, and positive person to be around. Her post truly reminded me how damaging it can be at times for my spirit to depend just on money, a physical object, to fulfill me as a person. While it’s great to pay rent and student loan debt, I need more than that at this point in my life.

Can you be inspired and ashamed in
one fell swoop?
Words you see weigh on you and still send you
through the roof.
She proclaimed her provider’s name, and
that’s her truth.
Saw her claim, yet I remain the
greatest fool.
Agonize over this bill and that bill, and
it just might get me somewhere.
Prioritize over this meal and that meal, but
am I truly being fed?
Let’s call her who she is: someone who is
firm in her faith, knowing no
time to waste; she’s not a
borrower, but a lender, while I
try to give right here where I live, but
not the smartest spender; more so
I’m a great pretender, saying it’s
not about money for me. Guess I’m
not such a good liar…
doubting trust in my pro-
D.J. Whisenant


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