– laura –

This is the music video for the song "Overcome" by British 
singer-songwriter Laura Mvula featuring American guitarist Nile 
Rodgers, undoubtedly both my favorite song and visual so far this 

Laced in the most fierce and fresh

of black and gold,

Laura speaks no fear,

sees no fear,

hears no fear…

so why should I?

She is handing me wisdom

within a pair of wings.



D.J. Whisenant


2 thoughts on “– laura –

  1. Oh, D.J.

    What a beautiful, quietly joyful piece you’ve written in response. It moves me, fills me with hope!

    And I thank you for sharing this superb video; I didn’t know Ms. Mvula’s work before. I am enthralled with the combined visual gorgeousness of the vid, beginning with her own exquisite beauty and that of the dancers around her and extending through all of the cinematography, the wonderful restrained glamor of the costuming, the visual framing, the lighting…. This, too, is uplifting and cheering and lovely.

    Many thanks for the whole post. I hope it’s a sign of your own encouragement, my dear.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment Kathryn! I’ve been a fan of Laura Mvula for a couple of years now; her first album is quite wonderful to listen to, so I’m excited for her new body of work coming soon. I pray you continue to be encouraged yourself. 🙂

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