– when she makes her exit –

She can’t stay here with you, keeping your faith comfortable. Please face the inevitable… she’ll leave you where you stand in the spotlight. ~ Don’t be brave… shed your tears upon that day. Don’t feel safe… rip off your skin; throw it away. Once she exits stage left … she won’t give an en- core. […]

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– workplace confinement –

Judith is plotting her escape. Naturally, I  have my own plan to bust out of this joint. Judy’s shovel to dig represents experience, performance, and quality. Mine is made with ambition, willingness, and respect. It’s funny though how both of our tools are more on the rusty side. So who will be the victor? Who […]

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– bees in my bonnet –

THERE ARE bees in my bonnet; THERE ARE bats in my belfry. BREAK THROUGH just like a comet; DON’T YOU go and neglect me because my cuckoo is out of time, and please know that I’ll fly on by if you-can’t-respect-my crazy. THERE’S A straitjacket fashion; THERE’S A stylish action. SPOT ME on padded runways; […]

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