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marshawn mccarrel from twitter
This is a picture taken from the Twitter account of Marshawn McCarrel, an activist from my home state of Ohio who ended his life this past Monday on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. I’ve never met Marshawn a day in my life, and to be honest, if this was any other person, regardless of age, race, gender, or other traits, I may not have been inspired to write the following piece. However, the fact that he was an African-American male not that much younger than I am from my home state AND the fact that he more than likely was going through a significant bout with depression (a subject I know all too well) affects me to where I cannot ignore an incident like this, especially because he did so much more to help his community in his short time than I have ever done to help mine. I don’t know his full backstory, but if he has been through twice of what I’ve been through and let it all go, I have no excuse to take his route, even in the darker clouds I still go through regularly.  Don’t get discouraged.

My brother (can I call you that?)…
why leave the party so
soon? Gift us a favor of the
saddest flavor.
You seemed like the real thing,
not a flake like me. I
guess brittleness of one’s bones goes
deeper than the eye can see.
Why stop the music now…
why stop your dancing? The
record will always skip a beat, but
never stop romancing.
Why stop the music now…
’cause there’s no confetti?
Party hats we are given;
parting hats we’ll be getting.
D.J. Whisenant

MSN’s news article on Marshawn McCarrel’s suicide

6 thoughts on “– marshawn –

  1. Fine tribute. I have suffered from depression chronic severe over 50 years. Meds help but sometimes we must just get stubborn and not let it immobilize us. It is not us but a thing inside us. Knowing that fortifies me.

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