– the saddest night –

Activist Post’s article on the suicide rate among U.S. military service members being higher than those killed in combat

The article in the link above is the inspiration for the following poem. I know several military service members (one of my brothers is actually a veteran of the U.S. Army), and while I do not agree with the idea of war and combat, I do genuinely support the troops. Anyone who sees the horror and devastation seen by a number of soldiers and has to suffer with the resulting mental, physical, and emotional trauma with little to no help from the government needs my support, understanding, and compassion; they need this from all of us.

March into the saddest night,

all you protectors of the fort.

March with all your eyes aware,

all you protectors of the fort.

If you’re caught in darkest corners,

cowering from the candy man,

I  will cover you in blankets,

with my open, honest hands.


Trot into the saddest night,

all you horses on the plain.

Trot because you truly care,

honor running through your veins.

If you fall through the abyss,

I’ll freefall right next to you.

From the cliff that you were pushed,

I could not let go of you.



D.J. Whisenant


13 thoughts on “– the saddest night –

  1. What an amazing poem! Thank you for doing your part to bring awareness to this travesty! I may reblog this, as I have been wanting to write a piece about Team RWB (red-white-and blue) which is a non-profit that brings civilians and active duty or retired military members together for different (usually athletic) events. Thank you for this, again!

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