– a break in the heart –

It’s a cut in the skin…
bleeding out and in.
It’s a scare in the dark…
even when there’s a spark.
Like a blow to the chin…
in a bout you can’t win…
like an unhealed mark…
such a break in the heart.
It’s a punch to the throat…
you can’t help but choke.
It’s a slap to the face…
makeup can’t erase.
Like a misplaced note…
in last year’s coat…
like an empty space…
heartbreak has its place.
Don’t feel bummed, bruised, and burned
when I take my leave. I have
just received the lesson learned of
what I need to breathe.
Please don’t toss and twist and turn in
your most grisly grief. I have
just discovered undercovers
my own heart’s relief.
Why play pretend…
keep you in suspense?
I’m a well-played part…
in dramatic art.
When I start again…
it is not the end.
So don’t fall apart…
when I break your heart.
D.J. Whisenant


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