– i don’t know you –

Pardon my judgment – I’m just
taking after all my people,
trying to ignore our feeble
traits and screw-ups. Ex-
cuse my gazing – but the
notions from within me have my
mindless mind here cycling ’cause your 
ways are too rough. Sure, you
could-be a gentleman with your
sorry simple flaws, or you
could-be Jack Frost out here
waiting to thaw. Yes, you
could-be a terror in the
heat of the night, or you
could-be a daydream  when the
moment is right. You could
be all of the above because
no life is too hardened in
stone… stone…
stone… stone, but I don’t 
know you or if I even want to, so
pardon me – I’ll leave you a-
lone… lone… a-
D.J. Whisenant


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