– bees in my bonnet –

bees in my bonnet; THERE ARE
bats in my belfry. BREAK THROUGH
just like a comet; DON’T YOU
go and neglect me because
my cuckoo is out of time, and
please know that I’ll fly on by if
crazy. THERE’S A
straitjacket fashion; THERE’S A
stylish action. SPOT ME
on padded runways; PSYCHO’S
in season today because
my cuckoo flew past the nest,
sick of Mother Nature’s tests, so
I’m buzzin’ ’cause I’m batty;
I’m batty ’cause I’m buzzin.
The sane ones are so chatty,
waste precious time discussin’.
I’m not disgusted, but I’m
highly amused, so
take time to laugh with me ’cause there’s
no time to lose.
D.J. Whisenant


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