I’m burning… out.

Hello everyone. Long story short – my current fight with depression has made my thought process for writing beyond cloudy, and I just cannot convey anything fresh and original at the moment. I am disappointed because I do believe there is still inspiration around me, but to write something that is worthy of my growth […]

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– savage season –

Love of control, love of my soul, springtime has arrived, but the air is still cold. Love of the lies for the “love of my life”, no flower will blossom, so no need to “get it right”. The feel of the rain on my scaly skin each day may or may not wash my slimy sin away. […]

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– two rooms –

Jacob is talking battle strategy again, and on this side of the wall, I’ve damn near lost the war, laying in my dim trench, listening to Jessie sing of “champagne kisses”. I’m silent in my war cry once more, while on the other side of the wall, Jacob is nowhere near finished, sitting upright on his throne, speaking […]

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– talk about it –

It’s not easy to tell anyone that you’re in the middle of a storm of swords and knives. Ma will cry her eyes out, and Pa will urge you to seek out the Lord ‘stead of taking your life. You know ev’ry last road so well, holding on to heaven, yet prepare yourself for hell, but even […]

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– sunday service –

In a church by the Green… the soulful union did bless me. In a home I had seen… the soulful spirit did test me. ‘Practice kindness as a spiritual discipline’ was the lesson this Sunday morn. Even though I’ll catch up with my own sin, kindness makes me feel less forlorn. ~ ~ D.J. Whisenant   […]

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– eavesdropper… the remix –

Another low weekend… got Biggie Smalls on play. Laying and weeping… keeping oohs and aahs at bay. Jacob is at it again; he’s killing his girl too kindly. First time around was fun… but now is the sound I don’t need. ~ Even with a living room in-between, his sweetheart always steals the scene. She’s a  certified ride […]

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