– an aspiring philadelphia lawyer –

Lord don’t let him be the most
crooked attorney. Please
stitch his morals to his vest when
he ascends the stairs.
Lord don’t let him be the most
unlawful body. Don’t
hitch his laurels to his breast, then
leave sense in the air.

He’ll win his case I’m sure,
by hook or by crook.
Still, he can be much more…
than just a slimy
bookworm, brainbox,
burning his way to the top.
Feel my dismay for that
fickle Philly way.

Keep his palms as clean as they can
be… for
I’m aware that he will use some
grease… Lord
keep his eyes wide open to
find… for
we both know that justice is
D.J. Whisenant


2 thoughts on “– an aspiring philadelphia lawyer –

  1. Yes, but he’s technically not going into law or even moving to Philadelphia for that matter. I just see him going down a darker path with his career and pray he remembers the good inside of him. Thanks for the comment!

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