– eavesdropper… the remix –

Another low weekend…

got Biggie Smalls on play.

Laying and weeping…

keeping oohs and aahs at bay.

Jacob is at it again; he’s

killing his girl too kindly.

First time around was fun… but

now is the sound I don’t need.


Even with a living room in-between, his

sweetheart always steals the scene. She’s a 

certified ride or die scream queen… a

nightmare after the dream. And I hear


OOOOH… here we go again with the

AAAAH… to the moon and back now.

OOOOH… listen to the sin in the


still an eavesdropper, nonstopper,

annoyed and all alone. That’s

somebody’s daughter, moaning louder;

still haven’t bought headphones.



D.J. Whisenant


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