– talk about it –

It’s not easy to tell anyone that you’re

in the middle of a storm of swords and knives.

Ma will cry her eyes out, and Pa will urge you to

seek out the Lord ‘stead of taking your life.

You know ev’ry last road so well,

holding on to heaven, yet prepare yourself for hell, but

even when you can’t shout it, at least

talk about it.

It’s not easy to tell anyone that you’re

contemplating putting poison in your beef stew.

Name be frozen, so your soul aches hopeless because

your desire has the same privates as you.

You know each prayer word for word,

cracks in your voice that will not be heard, but

even when you do doubt it, still

talk about it.


Find me in the light, not in a casket please.

Find me in the truth, in my sure remedy.

Find me in the wind, finally moving along.

Find me ready to speak up, whether right or wrong.



D.J. Whisenant


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