I’m burning… out.

Hello everyone.

Long story short – my current fight with depression has made my thought process for writing beyond cloudy, and I just cannot convey anything fresh and original at the moment. I am disappointed because I do believe there is still inspiration around me, but to write something that is worthy of my growth and progression feels like too much of a burden, especially with upcoming changes in other parts of my life. Therefore, my original work will take a backseat for the time being.

On the bright side, I’ve come up with something new and different to do for this blog as a way to celebrate National Poetry Month, so at least I’ll still be able to post something every day. Thank you for all of your continued support; I wish I could put into better words how much it means to me. Hopefully, I’ll see you all Friday for the start of National Poetry Month 2016!




7 thoughts on “I’m burning… out.

  1. I have little doubt that there’s tons of inspiration inside of you, still waiting to come out. I am glad you are taking some time out to take care of you, I think it’s such a smart move, you’ll get through this and I await your gallant return. Peace, Harlon

  2. I understand, suffered most of my life. I know the feelings, they come and go but key is not to let “it” immobilize us. Sometimes “it” hits for no particular reason and no issue perplexing us. Force yourself to do little things, baby steps. Today I forced myself to write three checks for bills to get that off the list. Hmmmm. Oh, God, more depressed now ?

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