– soon parted –

Paycheck, oh paycheck come, comfort for the night. Wrap me in your hot embrace and stay a little while. Paycheck, then paycheck go, lover on the run. Just as soon as I lay still, you leave ‘fore the sun. And it’s always me… throwing you so free… it’s the fool in me… it’s the fool I […]

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– room for carnage –

I don’t remember the first time I was desensitize to a violent game. I can’t recall the worst time I was desensitize to a violent plain. Always a stone’s throw away from the chaos, as my mindless mind could easily see. Always alone at home away from the chaos, away from reality. I don’t remember […]

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– what this is… –

This is not a curse. This is not a plague throughout my heart. This is not the worst, just an- other frayed false start. More than just a verse, from a book conceived from brighter stars, this is unrehearsed; still I have to play my leading part. This is not a kill. This is not my […]

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– wrap my world ’round –

External affairs can wait… while other lovers consummate… and I will use this time, for once not completely blind, to wrap my world ’round new escapes. External affairs are fine… but my love cannot be left behind… so I’ll appreciate this raw flame here in my face, and wrap my world ’round joy divine. Don’t […]

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– walnut beach creamery –

A Milford hot spot to cool my heels… no whipped cream on top, just one shake lid… and while Mad Mollye gives her chocolate-like stare, I glance at the door… and pray you’ll be there. Cruising along for my milky-eyed crush, and do a little good in your neighborhood. Only you and dairy here that’s making […]

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– i once believed you –

If you find disillusion in your dancing strings, please scissor them quick; watch the joy it brings. Aren’t you tired… of playing the fool? I’m so tired… of being one for you. Aren’t you stressed out… from lies on your lips? I’m too stressed out… from strings on my hips. Could have named me Mary, a […]

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