– good night mainstream –

Swim along, even if the course is long… swim along, even if somehow I’m wrong… Backstroke, breaststroke, death stroke – so many fine ways to choke, but at least it’ll be in my own stream. Swim along, even if my legs aren’t strong… all along, should’ve paddled on my own. Bring in, ring in new thinkin’ […]

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– medi/”care” –

Red pill, blue pill, tablet down the hatch, I just would not hold that “cure,” my tongue would not latch. Recognizing advertising to treat all my pain, I just would not hold that “cure,” medicate in vain. Doctor, please doctor, tell me if there is good news; don’t betray potential peace and push for more […]

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– the same nightmare –

… my bro, my brother, orange and green – that seems to be the colors we bleed – where do we place our hearts now… where do place our hearts? … a dream, a dream, an American dream  – that seems to be a star out of reach – are we reaching too far into the […]

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– happier –

Are you anxious for daybreak? Are you perky, pumped, and awake? Are you being well-fed? Are you discovering words unsaid? Are you “talking” to someone, finding sparks in the heated action? Is she making you happy? Is he making you whole? Are you plotting out your plans? Are you scheming silent towards “the man”? Are […]

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