– happier –

Are you anxious for daybreak?
Are you perky, pumped, and awake?
Are you being well-fed?
Are you discovering words unsaid?
Are you “talking” to someone,
finding sparks in the heated action?
Is she making you happy?
Is he making you whole?
Are you plotting out your plans?
Are you scheming silent towards “the man”?
Are you living out your life…
with a lover who is treating you right?
Are you dancing with someone,
boogie under stars and then the sun?
Is he making you happy?
Is she making you whole?

Your kisses shouldn’t go to waste…
the ones I may not ever taste…
your hugging shouldn’t be so hollow…
not put on hold until tomorrow. Your
smile should always shine, just like your easy eyes. Your
heart just seems so bold, should never turn so cold…
so let me know if you’re happy…
please let me know if you’re whole.

D.J. Whisenant


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