– elliott of connecticut –

Name is Elliott… raised in Connecticut… such a fine gentleman… won’t be seen again. My heart does beat for him, bleed for him – stranger so strange. My heart does peek for him, creep for him – however deranged. In this time, I’m 28, yet for him, I’m twenty-late. Though to love him would be great, […]

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– chris can’t stop –

There was rain and loud trains on a Bronx Friday night. There were awkward court jesters in a gender-filled fight, and with all-the-ale, and-the urge-to-yell, young Chris chugged along, never gave up the fight. Chris can’t stop; Chris won’t stop. Did you see the flames in his brown eyes, the passion for a deeper prize, […]

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– transfer –

A wee bit of attention is just a wee bit of attention. Did I mention? Serves at Dunkin’ Donuts; slid me an extra glazed donut – it hurts, don’t it? Not a secret crush in Connecticut, yet an opportunity I wouldn’t regret. Got a chance to blush in Connecticut, yet not one single stone has […]

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